Dear Potential Client,

Therapy is really about the relationship that you form with your therapist. You want someone who helps you feel at ease and that you feel safe enough to open up to. After all, in therapy, you are often sharing things you might not have dared say aloud to anyone else. I am honored that you are considering putting your trust in me. 

Therapy is truly a space just for you. You have no other relationship like this in your life. Think about it, your friends and family might listen to and support you but none of them can completely be there for you with no agenda or bias. How many times have you tried to share what's going on with you only to be cut off by the, "Oh, ya! When I ..." and have the conversation turned to the other person's life? What about the, "Well at least..." or "It's not that bad..." or "You should...". These talks always end in some level of disappointment or of feeling unheard, maybe even uncared for, insignificant, or unappreciated. 

That's where I come in. I have no hidden agenda & no investment in the outcome of your decisions or choices except that they are what you want and need to feel better.

When I'm not working with clients, I am busy with my other roles of teaching & supervising graduate students in Marriage & Family Therapy, being a mom to my 3 (rambunctious!) boys, and partner to my husband of over 14 years. I love being outside tending to my plants and am an avid bookworm. My favorite shirt says, "I like to party and by party, I mean read books." Ah, yes. I clearly love rainbows too. When the conditions seem right for a sighting, I'll drop everything to check outside. 

I'm looking forward to talking to you!



(760) 209-6602

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